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Fandom Hearts

My name is Ricky, I'm 22, and this is my blog where I express all of my interests :) Mostly video games and tv shows. My blog background was made by Tumblr user personaleidoscope!

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Sep 17 '14
Sep 12 '14


Happy video games day!

Sep 10 '14

Concept art for Disney Paint the Night, Hong Kong Disneyland’s new parade (x)

Sep 10 '14

Disney Ladies + Blue/Cyan

Disney Ladies + Blue/Cyan

(Source: caddies)

Sep 7 '14
Sep 3 '14

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection

Sep 2 '14

Walt Disney Animation Studios movies and their covers on Disney Movies Anywhere

Aug 29 '14

Disney characters + bow ties (x)

Aug 28 '14

Awesome Disney easter eggs you need to know about (by Oh My Disney)

Aug 25 '14



Christmas is here! -

The “Sketchbook Ornament Collection” I design for the Disney Stores arrive online and in stores today. Here are a select few of some of my favorites from this year. There are plenty more where these came from as I work on about 60 new designs every year! They sell out pretty fast. So, if you have a favorite, make sure to pick it up before they’re all gone. 

i’ll be sharing more about this collection and a few sketches in the upcoming weeks. 

Until then, enjoy! :)

I just ordered Mary Poppins, Pascal, Tigger and Eeyore,and Gus and Jaq!!!