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Fandom Hearts

My name is Ricky, I'm 22, and this is my blog where I express all of my interests :) Mostly video games and tv shows. My blog background was made by Tumblr user personaleidoscope!

Posts tagged dream eaters

Sep 17 '12

I finally got around to uploading more of my Dream Eaters :)

This is my Drill Sye, named Simon after Simon from Gurren Lagann cuz he has a drill, get it? :P

Then my Eaglider whom I named after my bird Sky.

And finally my Drak Quack, whom I named Norbert after the baby dragon in Harry Potter.

Aug 10 '12

More of my little Dream Eaters :) Look at that break dancing pegasus! 

Aug 10 '12

These were my end-game Dream Eater teams :)

For Sora: Piplup, Micky, and Fluttershy

For Riku: Dapper, Geoffrey, and Yuna

Aug 10 '12

Dream Eaters really like break dancing when they are happy :P

That seems to be the immediate response of quite a lot of them to being petted. Like my fucking Pegaslick just starting break dancing. It was a fucking.break.dancing.pegasus. That is like the last thing I expected to see today :P

Aug 5 '12

More of my Dream Eaters :) I am so excited I finally got an Iceguin Ace and Thunderaffe!

Aug 3 '12

Another day, and more Dream Eaters pictures :) I love coloring them so much :P

Aug 2 '12

I’m not obsessed, nope lol

More pictures of my little Dream Eaters :) 

Aug 1 '12

All of my Dream Eaters thus far :) I have since colored my Komory Bat and Kab Kannon, so I will probs have better pictures of them tomorrow :P 

Can I just say how addictive this feature is though? These only scratch the surface of how many pointless pictures I took today, hell, I already got the Trophy for taking 30 or more photos of your Dream Eaters and I am only in the first world :P

Apr 28 '12
Apr 23 '12
This is adorable >w<

This is adorable >w<