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Fandom Hearts

My name is Ricky, I'm 22, and this is my blog where I express all of my interests :) Mostly video games and tv shows. My blog background was made by Tumblr user personaleidoscope!

Posts tagged kh3d

Dec 8 '12

On the plus side I managed to star all but one of the Flick Rush cups, finish a few more special portals, and I made a Zoelephant. Which I named Dumbo :P

Dec 8 '12

Alright so I had this huge urge to continue trying to 100% Dream Drop Distance today, but holy shit Secret Portal Rinzler is fucking ridiculous. Like holy shit, I just got my ass handed to me…

Sep 20 '12

New KH3D Play Arts, new Keyblade set, and the Grid Play Arts from a while ago are painted! 


Also thank to KHInsider for finding them :)

Sep 17 '12

I finally got around to uploading more of my Dream Eaters :)

This is my Drill Sye, named Simon after Simon from Gurren Lagann cuz he has a drill, get it? :P

Then my Eaglider whom I named after my bird Sky.

And finally my Drak Quack, whom I named Norbert after the baby dragon in Harry Potter.

Sep 7 '12

I just love how you can refight all the bosses in DDD~

Aug 21 '12

I freaking beat No Heart today!

I can’t believe it! I really beat all of BBS:FM’s secret bosses! 

Now its time to go back and 100% DDD! Julius, Imma commin’ for ya!

Aug 14 '12

Why did everyone get my hopes up about Gameinformer?

Like I was so excited that this crappy magazine I am forced to subscribe to if I want a power up membership at Gamestop was finally doing something awesome by making KH3D the game of the month, only to open the page and see they nicknamed it “Kingdom Hearts 3 Is Coming: The Game”. And I immediately hated them again lol.

It’s depressing because I think the biggest reason I want KH3 to come out at this point is not because I want it, but because I want everyone to just shut up about it already. Like I pray all the annoying people who just whine about KH3 will be satisfied, or dissatisfied, when it comes out and like just jump ship and never go anywhere near the next saga so we don’t have to listen to their incessant bitching anymore…Ugh…

*sighs deeply* Anyway, I am still happy KH3D was recognized as Game of the Month, got a decent score, and they even said “you could look up the cutscenes for this game, but you would be missing a fun time.” Also they gave Theatrhtyhtm a decent score too, so again I am happy with that. 

Lol, sorry, I needed to get that off my chest…I feel better now. :P

Aug 12 '12

So am I the only one who never dropped during a boss fight?

Aug 10 '12

More of my little Dream Eaters :) Look at that break dancing pegasus! 

Aug 10 '12

These were my end-game Dream Eater teams :)

For Sora: Piplup, Micky, and Fluttershy

For Riku: Dapper, Geoffrey, and Yuna