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My name is Ricky, I'm 22, and this is my blog where I express all of my interests :) Mostly video games and tv shows. My blog background was made by Tumblr user personaleidoscope!

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Jun 9 '14

Every time Riku wags his finger around like a big dork after leveling up in Re:Chain of Memories this is all I can think of:


Jul 25 '12

Just like I made a flag of Sora using his Chain of Memories sprite, I made another of Donald using his Chain of Memories sprite :) I used it as my recently paid off house’s flag. Once again, I had to make some changes to the design, but I still like it a lot. And it also looks better hung up than it does when its template, imo.

I used palette number 1.

Jul 25 '12

I tried to remake Sora’s sprite from Chain of Memories to use as my flag for my town! I had to make some changes, especially considering Animal Crossing’s limited color choices. However, when you actually hang it up, I think it looks quite nice. I am pleased with it at least.

I used palette number 10.

Jul 3 '12

Anonymous asked:

Which KH game is your favorite?

As of right now it is a tie between Birth By Sleep and Chain of Memories. :) 

Birth by Sleep because I loved the darker story and getting to see the origin of the Xehanort saga, getting to go to some of my favorite worlds (Lilo and Stitch <3), and then of course the battle system was incredible! The best up to that point, since it seems like DDD will be passing it up. Also I am a total Aqua fanboy, so getting to play as her is always a plus! And I hope we get to again in a future game because I just loved her character :)

As for Chain of Memories, I loved the story and character development in that game. It still probably has my favorite overall story of the series. It some of the best character development for Sora out of any of the games, plus it really developed the villains by constantly switching to cutscenes of them between floors. Also, the battle system was very different, I enjoyed how strategic it was.

May 28 '12

People wonder why I love this game so much ugh~


People wonder why I love this game so much ugh~

May 20 '12
May 18 '12


Riku Replica (Repliku) appreciation post

So it’s over, hmph, death doesn’t frighten me. Good riddance to a phony life.. my heart was… never real. I’m sure even what I’m feeling now is probably all fake.

Apr 30 '12
Apr 28 '12

Marluxia: What to do? Your hero is soon to be wiped from existance. But i believe there is a certain promise that he made to you? Isn’t that right….Naminé?

Apr 14 '12
Yoko Shimomura - Scythe of Petals (Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Original Soundtrack)


Yoko Shimomura - Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories Original Soundtrack

“Scythe of Petals”