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Fandom Hearts

My name is Ricky, I'm 22, and this is my blog where I express all of my interests :) Mostly video games and tv shows. My blog background was made by Tumblr user personaleidoscope!

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May 24 '12
Apr 23 '12

All of us Kingdom Hearts fans should pitch in together, buy an island, name it Destiny Island, and make an exact replica of the Destiny Island in the games. Our main weapon of defense will be keyblades, and we will make them in mass production, and our main source of transportation will be rafts and/or gummi ships. We will put our smarts together and figure out how to make trees that produce papou fruit. The featured dish on the island will be Sea Salt Ice Cream, to keep us refreshed during our hard-day’s work as keyblade masters. And we will work together to rid the world of heartless!





Hwy guys, remember this? Are we all still up for this? I know I am!

Awwww my post is going around again *0*


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Apr 23 '12
^ This ;w; 

^ This ;w; 

Apr 23 '12
Apr 22 '12

Happy 10th Year Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!

Apr 15 '12
Apr 14 '12
Apr 14 '12
Apr 12 '12

Watching Disney movies and being like, “Oh man I remember this boss fight from Kingdom Hearts.”

Either that or saying “Wow, this would be an awesome boss fight in KH!” *First thing I said when I saw Dr. Facilier’s voodoo in action*

Apr 11 '12

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