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My name is Ricky, I'm 22, and this is my blog where I express all of my interests :) Mostly video games and tv shows. My blog background was made by Tumblr user personaleidoscope!

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Oct 31 '12
I wore my Sora cosplay for Halloween c:

Lots of people knew who I was, too! I was so happy!

I wore my Sora cosplay for Halloween c:

Lots of people knew who I was, too! I was so happy!

Jul 25 '12

I tried to remake Sora’s sprite from Chain of Memories to use as my flag for my town! I had to make some changes, especially considering Animal Crossing’s limited color choices. However, when you actually hang it up, I think it looks quite nice. I am pleased with it at least.

I used palette number 10.

Jun 19 '12

And finally my Sora cosplay! That finally came in! But it was worth waiting for! It fits perfectly! It came with a wig, too, but it looked a little odd with my beard being a different color. And while I will shave my beard when I legit cosplay, I don’t feel like doing so now :P

It still looks awesome though! Now all of my props have a use! I already had his necklace, a paopu fruit, Kairi’s Wayfinder (which I made myself), and the Kingdom Key. And they are all in these pictures :)

Jun 18 '12

My Sora cosplay came in! AHHHHHHHHHH! I will upload pictures later, maybe after someone gets home to help me put it on right :P

I’m just freaking out right now~

Jun 2 '12

It seems I am just as creeped out as I was 10 years ago by Ursula calling Sora “handsome”…

Not because he isn’t, but because its Ursula…

May 31 '12

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May 30 '12
May 30 '12


Kairi: Don’t ever forget: wherever you go, I’m always with you.


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May 28 '12

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May 25 '12

Riku used a friend ball!


Riku used a friend ball!

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